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Treatment Philosophy:

We consider chemical dependency to be a physical, mental and spiritual disease and the chemically dependent person to be deserving of the same respect and dignity afforded to persons afflicted with any other illness. We believe that individual can recover from their disease and can rebuild abstinent productive lives in recovery.

We consider it essential to address the full spectrum of each client’s psychological, physical and spiritual needs. Without addressing the whole person, the individual struggling with addiction is left without all the necessary tools to return to a healthy fruitful life in recovery.

Recovery from addictive disorders is a process of transformation. And while we cannot provide a cure for addictive disorders or promise that our clients will not relapse, what we can do is prepare our clients to recognize and respond to their own relapse process. In this way, each client’s recovery is optimized.

Clients are encouraged to respect themselves and to take responsibility for their own lives. Recovery from chemical dependence requires a decision on the part of the client to accept and fully participate in the treatment process, and to encourage the participation of family and significant others, when appropriate.

We provide a supportive atmosphere to clients making the right decisions.


The Case Manager  of the Dakotah Pride Center’s Prenatal Empowerment Program works primarily with pregnant women who are struggling with substance addiction. The Case Manager will do:

· Addiction assessments;

· Assist with medical applications;

· Applications for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers;

· Coordinate transportation for clients to off-reservation treatment centers;

· May also assist client and/or client’s family members with completing applications within the court system.

· Will conduct outpatient group sessions utilizing the Matrix Model to promote healing.

· Participation in early recovery group encouraged using an incentive program.

· Provide tools to help them through the process as they  learn to understand substance dependence.

· Provide support system to client as they strive to improve their quality world.


Director: Richard Bird

Address:  388 Dakota Avenue

Agency Village, South Dakota 57262

Phone: 605-698-3917

Fax: 605-698-4449


Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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